Lava Network Relay

Normal Gas Cost (gwei) {{ relayData.ethGasNormal }}
Fast Gas Cost (gwei) {{ relayData.ethGasFast }}
Highest Bid Price {{ relayData.highestBidPrice }}
Target Profit Margin (%) {{ relayData.profitMarginPercent }}
Target Normal Reward (0xBTC) {{ relayData.targetNormalRewardTokens }}
Target Fast Reward (0xBTC) {{ relayData.targetFastRewardTokens }}
{{ selectedActionAsset.name }}
Mutate Tokens To Lava
Unmutate Tokens To 0xBTC
Lava Balance: {{ selectedActionAsset.lava_balance_formatted }}
Transfer Tokens

Generate a signed Lava Transfer Message. This message can be submitted to the Ethereum network by anyone, at which point the tokens will be transferred to the recipient's Lava Balance.

Relay Reward (tokens)

Specify the URL for a Lava Network Node and broadcast this packet to the Lava Network Relayers. They will submit the packet to the Ethereum Network if the reward is high enough.

Relay Node URL
Broadcast Lava Packet
{{ broadcastMessage }}
Lava Packet Data
Connect To Metamask
Lava Contract: {{lavaTokenAddress}}
Connected Account: {{web3address}}
{{ errorMessage }}
Icon Name Balance
Queued Lava Packets
From To Token Amount Relayer Reward
{{ item.from }} {{ item.to }} {{ item.tokens }} {{ item.relayerRewardTokens }}
Lava Packet History
Received At From To Token Amount Relayer Reward TX Hash
{{ item.ethBlockReceived }} {{ item.from }} {{ item.to }} {{ item.tokens }} {{ item.relayerRewardTokens }} {{ item.txHash }}
Recent Solutions
Block TxHash Status
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Recent Transfers
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Lava Network Relay
Send ERC20 tokens without any Ether

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